Our company

As part of the OOS International Group, OOS Logistics B.V. has a solid base to help you with logistical challenges to Brazil. Throughout our years of presence in Brazil, we have gained ample knowledge and experience in solving a broad range of freight forwarding issues, like collection, export, transport, import, delivery, permits, licenses, routing and safety matters.

We have over the years also experienced abundant problems and searched for the right way to legitimately and reliably solve these issues. And we have found this solution, which we now would like to share with you.

Valuable relationships

Working with OOS Logistics not only means you can rely on our knowledge, experience, and proven work methods. Being part of the OOS International Group means that we work in full compliance with the OOS International routine. We work with short lines, high flexibility, and with a down-to-earth mentality. As a genuine family-owned company, our highly experienced staff and excellent customer service are based on full commitment, honesty, fair business practices, and integrity. A continuous development of manpower and long-term objectives have resulted in valuable relationships.


Through our head office in Serooskerke, the Netherlands, and our affiliate OOS Brazil, we can now swiftly arrange clearance of all types and sizes of goods. We do this together with specialised freight forwarding partners. This unique combination enables us to import fully cleared goods into Brazil, with only a minimum of customs delays. Our service is not only restricted to shipments from Europe. We can also help you with logistics operations from any place in the world, as long as Brazil is the final destination.